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Mint Delight Tea - 100gm

Loose Tea 100g Pouch
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A combination of best quality green tea and selected spearmint and peppermint, with refreshment in every sip

    • Blend of Green Tea with Spearmint & Peppermint
    • Handpicked Tea Leaves
    • Pure & Long Tea Leaves
    • Packed in 100gms of Pouch
    • Delicate & Aromatic Flavours
    Mint Delight Tea - 100gm
    Mint Delight Tea - 100gm

    About the Tea

    Spirited and sprightly medley of excellent green tea with carefully selected spearmint and peppermint leaves. Combined with the goodness of the most sought-after superfoods, mint and green tea. Cheers to the perfect and scrumptious detox drink! Steep it hot or iced, this green tea can be sipped any time of the day.


    Time of The Day




    100 gm Pouch




    Steeping Instructions

    • Water 150ml

    • Temp 95°C – 100°C 

    • Leaves 2g

    • Steeping 3-5 mins

    • Add Sugar or honey as per taste

    • To be served without milk


    I just love Gardens of India, their teas are so it


    I have fallen in love with their tea, have been consuming it daily


    This is the true luxury tea brand I have ever seen


    This is just the finest tea packaging, so beautiful


    The teas are so pure and authentic and fresh


    As seen in

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many cups of tea can I make from 100g of tea?

    At 2-2.5g of tea per cup, you can make 40-50 cups of tea from 100g.

    What is Mint Delight Tea?

    Indulge in the refreshing and invigorating flavors of our Mint Delight Tea. This spirited and sprightly medley is made with high-quality green tea and carefully selected spearmint and peppermint leaves.

    How are the teas packaged?

    The tea is packed inside a pouch which is heat sealed to preserve the freshness/aroma of the tea.

    Is there any artificial colouring or preservatives in my tea?

    None at all! All our teas are 100% natural with natural extracts and no artificial colouring or flavouring. These are the finest tea leaves crafted into unique blends, using all natural ingredients.

    Is regular tea consumption good for the body?

    According to some research, 5 cups of tea a day can sharpen the body's defences against diseases.

    Apart from this, tea is also good for weight loss, heart, overall hydration and life longevity.

    How should I store my tea?

    Store your tea in an airtight container and keep it in a cool, dark place. You should avoid storing tea near any sources of heat, like a stove or a sunny window.

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    Sanaya Sinha
    So refereshing

    A perfect combo for a soothing and uplifting cup