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Mayfair Blend Royal CTC Leaf Chai 250 gms

Loose Tea 250g Pouch
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The ultimate Indian kadak milk tea experience for all tea lovers, an exquisite blend of CTC leaf chai & orthodox tea leaves
    • Blend of CTC & Orthodox Tea Leaves
    • Handpicked Tea Leaves
    • Pure & Long Tea Leaves
    • Packed in 250gms of Zipper Pouch
    • Delicate & Aromatic Flavours
    Mayfair Blend Royal CTC Leaf Chai 250 gms
    Mayfair Blend Royal CTC Leaf Chai 250 gms
    Mayfair Blend Royal CTC Leaf Chai 250 gms
    Mayfair Blend Royal CTC Leaf Chai 250 gms
    Mayfair Blend Royal CTC Leaf Chai 250 gms

    About the Tea

    India’s most authentic kadak chai created by the finest tea tasters in the world by blending Orthodox tea leaves with CTC leaf chai. All it takes is one relishing sip to experience the rich fullness of fine valley grown teas with the irresistible aroma of specially selected long leaves from highlands. This is why Mayfair Blend is so beloved all over the world, and our customers like to call it “The Taste of India.”

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    CTC & long leaves




    Tea Talks

    Mayfair Blend Tea is India's oldest, most traditional and authentic kadak milk chai. Tea is our life, and every cup we drink is flavored with the aroma of our heritage and has been a staple beverage in India since the mid-19th century and is now popular throughout the world. It is traditionally a pure CTC Assam tea blended with orthodox leaves. It has a strong, bright flavor with malty notes and a reddish color. It's usually served as part of breakfast and is mainly enjoyed by adding milk and sugar but it can certainly be enjoyed all on its own too!

    Steeping Instructions

    • Water 150ml

    • Temp 95°C – 100°C 

    • Leaves 2g

    • Steeping 3-5 mins

    • Add Sugar or honey as per taste

    • To be served with or without milk


    I just love Gardens of India, their teas are so it


    This is the true luxury tea brand I have ever seen


    This is just the finest tea packaging, so beautiful


    The teas are so pure and authentic and fresh


    I have fallen in love with their tea, have been consuming it daily


    As seen in

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where do you source your teas from?

    We source the finest teas from Darjeeling and Assam, and craft them into unique blends.

    How long should I brew my teas?    

    Tea should be brewed for 3-5mins, depending on how strong you like your tea.

    Tea is best consumed six minutes after it has been brewed.

    What does CTC and Orthodox stand for?

    These are the process of tea manufacturing. CTC stands for “crush,tear,curl” and Orthodox is referred to full long leaves.

    How many cups of tea can I make from 250g of tea?

    At 2-2.5g of tea per cup, you can make 100-120 cups of tea from 250g.

    Is there any artificial colouring or preservatives in my tea?

    None at all! All our teas are 100% natural with natural extracts and no artificial colouring or flavouring. These are the finest tea leaves crafted into unique blends, using all natural ingredients.

    How do I maintain the freshness of the tea?

    As soon as you receive your product please transfer them to an airtight container and keep them in cool and out of direct sunlight. Additionally, do ensure that you don’t mix them with other items such as coffee, or different variants as it will affect the fragrance.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Ranjit Nayak

    One of the BEST flavoured broken tea leaf. Offered additional discount on second order. Delivery is bit delayed.

    Swati Prajapati

    Perfect with or without milk. Packaging is top-notch